architectural photographer based in vancouver, british columbia, canada.

Originally from London, UK now residing in North Vancouver, BC, Luke Potter has been a freelance photographer for over ten years.

"Great photography has long been and will continue to be my life’s pursuit.

I was introduced to my first SLR camera at the age of 15 and photography quickly became the focus for my creative interests. From school I continued my photography interests going on to study for a further two years in London at a multi media college. After college I was fortunate to work in a commercial photographer's studio in London where the business, the technical and the creative craft of photography really came into play. It was then a gradual progression to where I am today.

I think photography every day and my enthusiasm for this medium continues to grow.

I feel very fortunate that photography has taken me to a number of different countries and allowed me to meet and work with many talented and creative individuals.

I’m excited by the prospect of spending a future continuing to do what I love."

Luke specialises in commercial, architectural, design and residential photography and is striving to produce creative and well executed work.

"Since moving to the west coast of Canada my appreciation of local architectural designs and aesthetics is growing week by week. I am especially enjoying the use of open plan living and widespread sustainable design incorporating natural materials, maximising the outdoor/indoor experience.

Through considered composition and understanding how light and interior design enhance a space, I’ll deliver bespoke photography to reveal all the architectural elements and visual concepts unique to your project."

If you have a specific commission in mind and would like to discuss your requirements or if you'd just like a bit more information about Luke's work, give him a call or drop him an email.

cell. +1 604 369 5518
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